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Identifying and locking in the cheapest home loan can be a challenge for most people. It is complex, confusing and can be a real nightmare especially if you have never applied for a home loan before.

The Home Loan Compare Website puts you in the drivers seat and gives you an extensive easy to understand range of home loans at your finger tips. We have the latest interest rates (updated daily) from all the big banks; Westpac, NAB, St George, ANZ, Commonwealth, BOQ, Adelaide & Bendigo and HSBC.

Live life and stop wasting money on your home loan. If this is your first home loan, don’t make the mistake of trusting your banks. It will end up costing you more money. Be smart and compare all home loans on offer in one place – our side by side comparison chart is easy to use.

At Compare Home Loans we will provide you with the most suitable and affordable home loan on the market.

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Using the compare home loans method saved us more than $15000 from our home loan. We were told 1 rate by the bank but this website really opened our eyes to much better and more competitive interest rates.

- Michael , Parramatta -

We have been with one bank for almost 10 years and we have been paying off our home loan very slowly. Comparing home loans and being able to speak to people who understood that we wanted to pay off our home loan faster made life that much more easier. We are with a new bank now and are already saving money each month. This has knocked 5 years off our home loan easily! I really want to thank the team at Compare Home Loans now for their hard work and tireless effort in securing me a better interest rate.

- Matt & Samantha, Baulkham Hills -

We have been using the same mortgage broker for years and were simply too lazy to change and look for a better interest rate. Being able to compare home loans and switching to a cheaper bank is fantastic. Also the team at Compare Home Loans Now made a real concerted effort to help us. The service and the level of commitment is so much better than what we were getting in the past

- Angela & Bruce, Coffs Harbour -

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