Compare Mortgage Rates

Are your monthly mortgage rates hurting you? Are you finding it a struggle to pay your mortgage and are a little upset at the way the banks are treating you in regards to your mortgage rates? Do you wish that you could stop the endless flow of money each month to these banking financial institutions and get a professional mortgage broker to reduce your mortgage rates?

Well, the search is over. At Compare Home Loans Now, we are here to help you over come the stress, battle and monthly fatigue in paying off your monthly mortgage. We understand that you may have chosen a mortgage rate a few years ago and now realise that it’s time to reassess everything and look for a better mortgage rate.

That’s right. You do not have to stick with your current bank and stay with the home loan that you have been on for the last 3,5 or even 10 years. You can do something about it and make your life a lot easier by renegotiating your current home loan mortgage rate.

What we have done on this website is take all the guess work out of getting a home loan by showing you all the home loans available to you on 1 page. All you need to do is look at your current mortgage rate and compare this with the mortgage rates n this website. It’s as simple as that.

So for example if your current 3 year flexible mortgage rate is say 5% and you can see it cheaper here on this website all you need to do is fill out the inquiry form and we will get in touch with you that day to help you switch your mortgage over to a cheaper rate. This is basically a no brainer if you feel that you are paying too much on your home loan. The solution is here and we have made it as easy as possible for you to use.

Why Compare Mortgage Rates?

So many people are reluctant to change banks or building societies when it comes to their home loan and the reason for this are many. Following is a list of them and reasons why they should make that change.

1) People never change their home loan due to a some weird sense of loyalty with their bank. For some reason they never move because they either like the bank manager or they have been banking with them for years and feel that they have to remain loyal.

In the online world this type of thinking is seriously negligent on behalf of the home owner especially when there are websites like this here to help them save money. One point to note here is that if you were ever late with a monthly mortgage payment your bank would be ruthless in trying to get their money. They have zero loyalty and there is no reason why this needs to be reciprocated. They use your loyalty and they bleed as much money as they can out of you; month after month. It’s time to stop this deluge of money spilling out of your pockets and it’s time to put you back in control of your finances.

2) People are essentially quite lazy when it comes to their mortgage payments. They take an attitude of set and forget. You have probably used a mortgage broker to set this up for you and it was a bit of a hassle in the beginning. The last thing you want to do is go through this procedure and rigmarole again. Best let it be and not go through the hassle again. This is wrong and this type 0of lazy negligent attitude only ends up costing you lots of money., Why on earth would you allow this to go on and continue when you can easily stop it.

Some people just need to be given a helping hand and this is where we can help. We can step in and take control and help you find a much cheaper mortgage rate. And the best part about this is that it’s totally free and you do not have to do anything. At the end of the day, we will facilitate the transfer of the mortgage and get you on a cheaper more affordable loan. Don’t be complacent and stuck on a fixed or variable mortgage rate that is old, expensive and not part of your lifestyle. You can change so many facets and parts of your life, so why not your mortgage rate?

There is a lot of different variables and quite often complicated factors of a mortgage you will need to think about when deciding whether it’s right for you. These are the really important key factors you need to consider:
Duration of the loan? Make sure you are prepared to commit to repayments every month for the duration of the home loan.
Is it a fixed or variable rate product? This will have an impact on your mortgage rate.
How much my repayments will be?
What are the restrictions of this mortgage product?
What Quality of life will be for the family while having this mortgage?
Are there any Extra (hidden) fees that I need to factor into my calculations?
Are additional repayments allowed ?

For more information please speak to the team of Mortgage Experts at Compare Home Loans Now.