How does Compare Home Loans Now work?
When you use Compare Home Loans Now site, you will be guided through a few questions relating to your home loan requirements. This process will take 30 seconds. The information that you input is analysed by Compare Home Loans Now, and a ranked list of Home Loan products are displayed. You may then examine the list of Home Loan products and select the product that you believe suits your financial situation. Or if you prefer, you can call Compare Home Loans Now on 1300 551 305 to discuss your needs and requirements with a trained consultant.

Where do you get your information from?
Our information comes from Compare Home Loans Now’s own research.

Compare Home Loans Now has been highly regarded as the premier supplier of research and analysis for banks, building societies, credit unions and mortgage brokers.

What is the cost of the Compare Home Loans Now service?
The Compare Home Loans Now service is FREE! This is perfect is you are looking to get a home loan. Now you can shop around for the very best deal and you do not have to rely on the word of your bank or mortgage broker – this gives you so much more power.

Will the Home Loans cost more through Compare Home Loans Now ?
No. All Home Loans offered through Compare Home Loans Now are provided by the banks, building societies, credit unions and mortgage brokers regulated by ASIC.

Is the consultant that i talk too on the phone accredited to talk about home loan products?
Yes. The consultants are fully accredited by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) or the Finance Broker Association of Australia (FBAA)

How up to date are your interest rates?
Our data is updated several times a day from the research that we do.

How do you make money?
Our revenue comes from introduction fees paid by the financial institutions, so there it is a win win situation for you. We only get paid if you find the right product for your situation.

How do I get my institution listed on Compare Home Loans Now website?
Fill out the Contact Form and we will consider the institution based on if you have great Home Loan products to offer.

Can you lend me money?
No. Compare Home Loans Now is not a lender, bank, building society or credit union.
We just find you the best Home Loan products to suit you FROM banks, building societies, credit unions and mortgage brokers.