Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Brokers

Finding the right mortgage broker is not as easy as it looks. There are literally 1000’s of home loan and mortgage brokers out there in the market all wanting your business so finding the best is a challenge. You may just think it’s a matter of organising the home loan with the ban and the process is a simple 1,2,3 step process but in fact it is more involved than this.

Remember you are probably making the biggest and most influential decision of your life here. You are not buying a car or going on a holiday. You are in fact making a purchase that you will probably be paying off for the next 25 years and this is something that needs to be taken seriously. If you put this in the hands of a mortgage broker who is strictly out for themselves and is working on some type of hidden commission or incentive with a particular bank or financial institution then you are the one who will end up loosing out. Sure they might come across friendly and caring when they first come to your house for the first consultation, but at the end of the day how do you know you can really trust them and how do you know with complete certainty that they have your best interests in mind.

You don’t and you are essentially taking a huge risk and gamble that they will find the best home loan rate for you and one that suits your financial situation. In today’s online world this is not on.

This is why at Compare Home Loans Now we completely eliminate the risk posed by mortgage brokers and home loan experts by allowing you to see all the best home loan rates online in one area. We have aggregated all the banks interests rates and present this to you in an easy to understand format. All you have to do is fill out the form and you can see the cheapest home loans; both fixed and variable.

Once you have completed this form and once you have seen how much you can save by going with the cheapest home loan option, one of our mortgage broking team will contact you to show you exactly how much you can save on your mortgage.

You need to be very careful when choosing your mortgage broker.

Many mortgage brokers align themselves with certain banks and will be pushing their products harder. By doing this you are not fully across all the banks products on the market and may end up locked into a more expensive mortgage. This is not ideal and will end up costing you so much more money in the long run

Mortgage brokers are everywhere so you need to choose carefully. Go to you bank in the first instance and see what home loan rates they are offering and see if you can bargain them down. Then speak to as many mortgage brokers as you possible can and see what thy recommend. From this point onwards once you are armed with all this information use our Compare Home Loans Now website to see the range of interest rates on offer by the banks and you will be absolutely amazed by the results you see. Our home loan rates are going to be a lot cheaper than anything you have been able to find. This is so much easier than using a mortgage broker or home loan consultant and the outcome is so much better. You will see how much you end up saving over the medium to long term.